8 Benefits Of Travelling Solo

8 Benefits Of Travelling Solo

February 28, 2020 Blog 0
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What is the difference between travelling with or without somebody? Do you like to travel with your family and friends or do you prefer to be on this adventure on your own?
Let´s check out the benefits of travelling by yourself and you can decide if it is a possible way for you to explore the world.

1.Enjoy total Freedom

When you are traveling on your own, you can enjoy a total freedom by choosing the places you want to visit and the people you want to meet. It is your decision to stay in one place for longer if you like it, or to leave faster if you want to explore another spot. You don’t have to ask your travel buddy or partner, you don’t have to discuss or make compromises. If you meet people, you can decide if you want to hang out with them, continue travelling with them or just continue your own path.

2. Plan your own trip

A solo trip can be planned in your very own personal way. If you are you yourself you have the freedom of planning and preparing the way you want to travel, the countries and places you want to explore. If you go with your backpack on a budget trip or if you like to have some luxury and comfort- Do it your way!

3. Make friends very easy

Many solo travelers say, that they make friends easier on their trips. If you are on your own, you are more interested in meeting new people, hearing their stories and making them friends. When you are in a group or with your family, you already feel confident and surrounded by people, which might be the reason you will not talk to strangers to get to know them, because you already have your crew around you. Other travelers might be more confident to get in touch when they see you being on your own and not in a group.
Take the given chance to meet new people around the world, make friends and learn about different life-stories!

4. Boost your self-confidence

While traveling alone, you rely on yourself and you will gain the confidence by experiencing different situations which you handle by yourself. Every trip on your own will help to grow your self-confidence with every challenge you face. Each time you meet new people you get more confident about yourself, you don’t have to hide or run away from your character, you can trust in yourself and in your experiences. You will get to know yourself better when you do a solo-trip. You don’t have to be worried about being yourself, just be confident about this! Solo-Travelers don’t rely on anybody. The time you have on your own makes you comfortable in yourself. This freedom and individualism gives you the confidence of being who you are.

5. Get out of the comfort zone

First, a solo-trip sounds like a big challenge. Being alone, in another country, in a place where they speak a different language, another culture… nobody familiar to help…
Don’t worry about that, if you are on a solo-trip you will get out of your comfort zone but this is exactly what makes you grow and what makes it unforgettable. If you face challenges and get out of your comfort zone your actual comfort will become bigger and your confidence will become stronger as well. The first step is like a step in cold water, but trust me, you will love the fresh energy which flows through your body in this moment.

6. Rely on yourself and believe in yourself

As a solo-traveler you will learn to rely on yourself because of the simple fact that there is no one else with you. While traveling you will learn to rely on yourself with every feeling you have and every decision you will make.

7. You can be selfish

Here you have the chance to be selfish. Every single day of your trip you can decide the way of how to spend your time. If you are lazy, you can just relax, if you feel ready for some adventure, go for it! If you want to eat a big meal- Do it! If you just want to be in your room for a while you can do it without hesitating of what the travel buddy thinks, because you are on your own! Enjoy every decision and every moment you can choose for yourself. Here you don’t have to think if your partner, friend or family is alright with the decision you make. It just matters what you want and feel like to do.

8. People in this world are nice!

A thing you will definitely realize is that most people you will meet are very nice. Locals are always ready to help you. They welcome you with a warmhearted smile and with a lot of hospitality. The travelers you will meet have a positive mind and nobody is there to harm you. People are welcoming, always trying to help the way they can. They support you and will make an unforgettable impact on your solo-trip.

Those eight benefits are just a small outlook on the big subject of traveling solo. But they are one of the biggest advantages. If you go on your own solo-trip you will find many more benefits. Enjoy them and tell people about it.

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