7 Things You Must Do In Thailand

7 Things You Must Do In Thailand

March 4, 2020 Blog 0
7 Things to do in Thailand

From the beach to mountains, Thailand has all the things we need to enjoy your vacation. Every year Thailand is becoming one of the must traveled destination.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, here’re the 7 things you must not miss!

  1. Explore the longest water show  : ICON SIAM

    ICON SIAM- Things to not miss in Thailand

    ICON SIAM is one of the fascinating mall in the world. Everyday at the evening you can experience water fountain shows. At the ground floor you can experience local food, old photography and experience traditional songs.

    When you reach the first floor you can find Iphone stores, Cars and all the luxury items you can imagine.

    At the top floor you can find one of the amazing restaurants and the design of it  can just make you saw WOW.

    Grand palace a must visit place in Thailand

    Grand Palace is one of the most beautiful place I saw in Bangkok. Even it’s crowded with tourist, the beauty of the palace is just amazing. Be sure to have long dress to enter, if you have shorts you might not get an entry.

    Palace is very big so, you will at least spend 3-4 hour touring the place. With the ticket you will also get free entrance to a cultural shows. They will pick you from the palace and drop you to the theater for free.

  3.  Try Seafood
    Thailand street food

    Most of the food in Bangkok contains seafood. When you walk in the Khao San road you can see shops offering meat of Crocodiles and other sea animals. PAD THAI is very famous local dish and I was in love with it. Every morning and Evening I was having PAD THAI. The portion of the food was less so, I had to buy another dishes all the time for dinner.
    If you can manage your time, visit China Town where you can try Lobsters and other sea food.

  4. Visit the Beach
    Thailand Pattaya Beach

    Just with 200 Bhat you can get a micro van Bangkok to Pattaya city. Tourist visit Pattaya for the beach and it also has access to some beautiful island.
  5. Explore floating and train market
    Pattaya Floating Market
    Floating and Train market is one of the unique tradition of selling thing in Thailand. The water looks not much clean but the vibes of the market is awesome. Some sellers has been selling things for decades. It’s little it busy but it totally worth experiencing this place.If you miss this two market, you might feel incomplete adventure.
  6. Take Tuk Tuk ride
    Must do things in Thailand
    Tuk Tuk is one of the common ride in Bangkok. There are lots of taxi available for transportation but Tuk Tuk has it’s own fun experience. Thailand is mostly hot country so, driving on TukTuk can give you a breeze which gives an adventure feeling.This is one of the recommended thing to do if you are planning a trip to Thailand.
  7. Travel to Chiang Mai

Things to do in Thailand- Chiang mai

One of my favorite place has been Chiang Mai. If you are nature lover this is the place to be. This city feels local and it’s completely different than Bangkok.

Enjoy exploring Thailand 🙂

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