5 Top Tips For Female Solo Travelers

5 Top Tips For Female Solo Travelers

March 8, 2020 Blog 0
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Today is the international women´s day! Let´s take the chance to check out some tips for women traveling alone and encourage all women in this world to do so. Everybody can!

1. Be confident

As a woman always keep your head up and be confident about yourself! Take this attitude for your trip. We are living in a quit safe world today, so you can definitely be confident while traveling alone. This does not mean that you should go absolutely crazy and careless. It means that you don’t have to be scared being a confident woman on a solo trip.

2. Do researches

If you do a research about your travel destinies you will definitely have the advantage of knowing the things that will expect you. You don’t have to plan every minute of your trip but having a general idea about your trip can be helpful for staying safe while you travel.
If you know about the most important info´s like transportation possibilities, the sights, the do´s and dont´s and scams, it will make your trip easier.

3. Try to blend in

Trying to blend in is a general travel tip which will change your travels and the way how tourism is seen. While traveling it is very important to try to understand the culture and their behavior and therefore respect and be sensible with all those aspects. One easy thing could be the adaptation of your clothing to not attract all attention or provoke locals with your dressing. If you try to blend in you will earn the respect and heart of the locals because they feel the sensible accepting attitude of you. They will definitely show you all their warmhearted hospitality.

4. Stay connected to someone

Always have a backup. It is always good to have a person you trust, who knows where you are and what you do. If you stay connected to someone from home, they will always know if everything is ok with you. They might not be able to help you in every situation but they are definitely a support, kind of insurance and they might be able to help you from far when you didn’t think about it.

5. Trust your gut and your instinct

Another basic life skill you always should listen to is your instinct. Nowadays we stop trusting our gut, but if we are honest, we should go back to this tool. Don’t stress out about severe situations and wonder what to do. Try to learn to listen to yourself and believe what your instinct is telling you and distinguish what your emotions, your mind and your gut is telling you. If you figure this out your instinct will safe and guide you through your trip and will make your trip memorable.

People say that traveling solo as a female is so different and dangerous. This is a kind of opinion which made his ways and which we should actually think about. Female solo-travelers should be able to travel the same way as male solo travelers. Empower yourself and others to encourage women to travel alone without hesitating to make it a basic normal fact which should not be discussed.

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