11 Things No One Tells You About Solo Traveling

11 Things No One Tells You About Solo Traveling

April 4, 2020 Blog 0
Thailand Pattaya Beach

Solo traveling became very popular in the last years. Many people talking about it everywhere. Social media is filled with many different experiences and tips on blogs and vlogs from solo travelers. We tried to find out the most useful and important facts for you!
Everybody experiences solo traveling a bit different. This makes sense, because it is a very personal type of traveling. Still, there are some things which fulfill a general purpose.
Let´s check them out!

Be confident

Being confident will help you wherever you are and whatever you do. You don’t have to travel solo for being confident. It is also helpful to be confident in your daily life. But talking about solo traveling, it is definitely a basic mindset. While traveling solo, you will be on your own and you will be more comfortable and stable when you are confident with yourself.

You are not alone

If you hear solo traveling for the first time, you might think you will be alone all the time. That is absolutely not true. There are people everywhere. You will meet other travelers and locals, spend time with them, make friends and maybe travel a while together with them. Solo traveling gives you the opportunity to be independent on your trip, having the choice to be on your own or having company of people you like.

Let somebody know about your trip

It is very good if somebody knows about your trip, about where you go and what you do. It does not have to every detail but you should have a confidant who knows the general itinerary in case of any emergency.

Be selfish

On a solo trip, you have the opportunity to live your selfishness. All attention is on the wellbeing of yourself and your ego. So, you decide what you want to do and how your trip looks like.

Trust your gut

Another basic human skill is our instinct which can support us in every situation. Try to learn to listen to your instinct and trust your gut. Don´t be overcautious but trust yourself if something does not feel right.

Trust everyone and no one

It is a contradiction to trust everyone and no one in the same time. The world is full of people who will help and support you. In the same time, there are people who will try to scam you. On one site, be careful to not be over scared and on the other site, don’t be careless. Try to find your way of staying safe and still enjoying the fullest.


Try to fit it

While traveling, try to follow the norms and behaves of the locals, so you fit in. It is a sign of respect towards the locals and in the same time it will give you the chance to experience the country in an authentic way.

Talk to locals

If you get in contact with locals, you will learn a lot about the culture and history of the country. You will have memorable moments, will make new friends and will learn a lot about the country.

Get lost

Maybe not everybody likes to get lost. Give it a try! Maybe it is an adventurous experience you like. You might find hidden spots away from the touristic paths, small restaurants or places which look like a paradise.

Enjoy the freedom

Make yourself realize the freedom you have. You have the choice to do whatever you want. Keep it in mind and it will help you to enjoy your trip fully with all its opportunities.

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way

A plan is mostly there to be changed. Take the chance to enjoy every situation which shows up. Sometimes things are not working out in the exact same way, you imagined it. Make it a new, different opportunity and enjoy it. It´s not worth the time to grieve over a plan which changed. Be happy about the change and make the best out of it.