11 Places To Visit In Germany

11 Places To Visit In Germany

May 5, 2020 Blog 0
11 places to visit in Germany

Germany, the country which is famous for Angela Merkel and the strong economy with a high-quality production. Economically and politically Germany has a strong and interesting history and presence. But there is more to explore. Germany is a country full of beautiful nature, ancient cities and castles, stunning new architecture and much more.
We found 11 beautiful places you should visit when you are in Germany. Let´s check them out!


The castle is the ancestral seat of the aristocratic family Hohenzollern and shows its majesty with a beautiful building on top of a hill. The castle will take you to ancient times in filled treasure chambers, ballrooms and family trees. From the castle, you have an amazing view over the region which is even more beautiful with a sunset or sunrise.

Black forest

The black forest is a mountainous region with a very close green forest which refers to old legends. It is famous for healing baths and small ancient villages with the cuckoo clocks.

Lake of Konstanz

Germanys biggest lake which abuts to Switzerland and Austria is a very famous for summer holidays. You can go swim, go windsurfing or take a boat and sail around the lake. There are also many cities and villages next to the lake, where you can get fresh vegetables and regional wines.


Berchtesgaden is a region in the south east of Germany. The nature, with mountains, clear lakes and amazing views is beautiful for hikers. There is a national park which awaits you with its paradise feeling.

Saxon-Switzerland national park

This national park will take your breath with amazing views, big rocks and cliffs in a green region and various rivers. It’s a fairytale!


Rottweil is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The small colorful houses and old churches will take you on a time travel and show you ancient cultures and traditions of the region.


Berlin as the capital of Germany, has a lot of history to tell. Berlin was the center of the east/west separation and many political decisions which has been made here. A lot of museums, sculptures, buildings and walls remind the things that happened here.


Hamburg is the terminal for trade since centuries. The location next to the sea automatically gives the city an advantage. The old trade-neighborhoods show how things has been stored and loaded. The city will impress you with old high buildings, with stunning new architecture and a port which is huge.


Munich is one of the greenest cities in Germany. Various parks and restaurants makes the street life authentic. Sure, Munich is famous for its huge Oktoberfest with thousands of liters beer and fun. The city has a very own, relaxing and kind of traditional character.

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is a city with international importance. Famous is the finance quarter with high majestic modern skyscraper and a lot of business which is going on. Besides that, you will find old and storytelling buildings and places which will take you away from the business hustle.


Dresden is the main city of the Saxon region and is famous for the classic architecture, which was rebuild after the second world war. Furthermore, there are various glamorous churches and museums with collections of old arts.