10 Top Reasons To Travel Nepal

10 Top Reasons To Travel Nepal

December 22, 2019 Blog 0
10 Top Reasons To Travel Nepal

You probably heard about Nepal-the country between the giants China and India. The country with the astonishing world highest mountains. 

What else do you know about Nepal? 

Let me tell you some more reasons why it is absolutely worth it to travel there!

1.The beauty of nature

Probably the most famous reason is, as mentioned before, the nature, with his majestic mountains, lakes and caves. The Himalaya is a big trekking and hiking area where you will discover the magic of nature with stunning views and colourful sunrises to start in a day full of adventures. The nature of Nepal is balm for every traveller’s soul.

2.The warm hearts of Nepali people

This point definitely has to be mentioned. If you travel Nepal, you will meet the most hospitable and welcoming people. Nepali people are very friendly and honest, always keeping a warm smile for you and will definitely help you whenever you need support.

3.The variety of food

Nepal is a paradise for different food which goes from Chinese, Western, Indian to typical Nepali food. You can find a variety of different affordable street food. To experience the Dal Bhat with different curry´s, the sweet bakery and special fruits is a taste adventure. 

4.Diversity of religion

You can find a living together of many different religions. From Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity people accept and share their religious beliefs and habits. Nepal with its different religions will let you experience the historical diversity with all colours and shapes.

5.Ceremonies and its culture

The point mentioned before about the variety of religion will automatically bring a wide and deep culture and tradition with it. Nepal has its very own, very interesting ceremonies which is absolutely worth to experience at least once in a lifetime.


The variety of religion and the strong culture gifts many festivals to celebrate. There is the Festival of colours, the festival of Dashain (which honours the family), the Tihar festival (ceremonies for brothers and sisters), Nepali new year’s celebration and many more. All those special events will be surrounded by blessings, music, delicious food and wide spreading happiness. If you have the chance to experience this- go for it!

7.Historical buildings

Even after the big earthquake Nepal has many historical buildings. You can find temples, stupas, palaces and more buildings which will remind the ancient history and religion.

8.Adventure sports

If you are interested in adrenaline-kicks and adventurous experiences. Nepal will absolutely fulfill your expectations. In different parts of Nepal, you can find offers for Rafting, Paragliding, Bunji-jumping, flying foxes, climbes and other memorable events.

9.The immaculate world heritage sites

Nepal has different world heritages, such as national parks, religious temples and monuments which will be an unforgettable experience for every traveller and should not be skipped. Check it out!


Last but not least, an aspect which should be mentioned is the safety in Nepal. Nepal is a very safe country where you´ll not have troubles about getting robed or cheated. People are very respectful friendly and helpful. In Nepal, you will not have troubles with dangerous diseases. 

The infrastructure maybe seems a bit unorganized but it´s very easy and safe to travel to different places and people will always take care that you will reach the places you want to go.

So here we go, Nepal is waiting for you! 

In Nepal, there is an ongoing Campaign “Visit Nepal 2020” which will be absolutely beneficial for you to travel Nepal and experience all the culture with its traditions, monuments, nature and most warm-hearted people. 

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