Authentic Volunteers

Volunteering at the animal shelter is the most rewarding, tough and emotional project anyone could do. There are a lot of stray dogs and cats that need our help, yet not a lot of people do anything about it. Sure they’ll read a short paragraph on Facebook, or open a link on twitter and read it and possibly like if you’re lucky. But no one makes the effort of actually making a difference in the world or in fact in their own community. This happens all over the world.

Being a volunteer yourself and going to the animal shelter puts weight on you to stay strong for the animals. To smile, play a game, scratch their belly, making them feel safe and loved at the shelter. Walking around and seeing all the dogs with mange, missing a leg, a foot or even an ear. One of the dogs at the shelter has a piece of bone sticking out of her leg, one leg has been previously broken and you can tell because her foot is sideways. Her hair is so matted not even an electric razor can get through it, we have to use a pair of scissors and sit for an hour just slowly cutting away all the knotted dirty hair to try and clean her.

When you’re a volunteer you don’t feel like you’re doing a lot but when you put effort and help with feeding or even help in the medical room to prep the dogs for surgery you’re making it easier for the doctors and nurses to get them ready and to make the prep time faster to have them spayed, be put back in the cage and ready for the next dog to come in, and repeat.

If you love dogs and want to make a difference get off the couch, travel the world and make a difference and try, even if its something small you know you’ve changed that person or that animals life, benefiting them just a little more.

-Shaelyn Rea ( Canada )