Volunteer in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal

Authentic Volunteers

Volunteer at Buddhist Monastery

  • Teach English to monks.
  • Monastery volunteer program helps you to learn about the Buddhist culture and their way of living.
  • Volunteers will be living in a monastery and you will be provided two meals per day.
  • Volunteers can join monks morning puja and learn about their meditation.
  • Depending on the number of volunteers, you will be teaching a class per day or teaching as a group.
  • During the free time of the monks, volunteers can involve themĀ in extra curriculum activities like drawing, singing, watching documentaries and more.

Program Fee: $150 USD Per week


- A shared room

-Two meals per day

-Donation to the Monastery

-Volunteering Certificate

-24/7 emergency support

Volunteer Teaching Guidelines

In the best educational interest of our student monks, we have established the following guidelines to assist with the teaching schedules.

  1. Only volunteers that are staying for more than 2 weeks would participate in class instruction. You may choose to teach Maths, Sciences, Social Studies or English and would be provided with a curriculum to follow by the full-time school teachers. This allows us to continue the syllabus for studies.
  2. Volunteers staying less than 2 weeks may participate in helping children during the lessons as assistants to the teachers or the long-stay volunteers.
  3. We invite the volunteers that are staying for less than 1 week to come to observe the classroom and one of the teachers would be happy to show you our school. You may participate in games and drawing classes on Saturday.
  4. We have 4 classrooms. Each classroom can properly accommodate one instructor and two assistants. In the happy situation of more volunteers, we request that you adjust within yourselves for the best benefit of children and your travel schedules.

Volunteer Teaching Schedule

Monday through Friday

8:00 am -- 9:00 am ( Period 1 )

9:30 am -- 10:10 am ( Period 2 )

12:30 pm -- 1:10 pm ( Period 3 )

NOTE: For all periods, you may choose any one of the prescribed subjects such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or Computers. We discourage any deviation without permission from the principle.


9:30 am -- 11:30 am ( Games and Drawing )

NOTE: (1) Please note the rules for proper classroom attire. (2) Classes may be canceled on days of major pujas.