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Travelling as a Woman in Nepal

Before we get into it, I would like to add that the tips in this article could be applied to many travel destinations, not just Nepal, and these points are drawn from my own personal experiences only. Although this article is about Nepal, I will start with this; By far in my experience, neighbouring India…
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December 17, 2019 0
Volunteer and travel nepal

2020 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

If you’re eager to know best female solo travel destinations, well if that is the case then let’s not waste any more time before plunging right into the pool of locations that are waiting to be explored by you. 1.Nepal The ongoing campaign “Visit Nepal 2020” is giving a big chance to travel the country…
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December 8, 2019 0
Volunteer in Nepal

Handling your period in Nepal.

As a female traveler, there are certain things that will be the same no matter where in the world you travel, one of those things will be your period. In most western countries, traveling and having your period at the same time is not a problem, and can be easily overcome. As a woman travelling…
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December 7, 2019 0

3 Ways to Experience Kathmandu Off the Beaten Track

The city of Kathmandu is usually popular among tourists for 2 different reasons: holding the only international airport in Nepal, it represents an entry door to the country’s trekkers paradise – Everest and Annapurna Base Camps, in the Himalayas; and because of its historical legacy, it is the mecca of ancient towns, where many Buddhist…
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October 11, 2019 0
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How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money Online.

Starting a blog to share your expertise and make a living is always a good idea. You might have heard people making money and traveling the world via different media outlets. The idea of becoming a digital nomads by owning a blog and not have to worry about 9-5 job is becoming very popular. This…
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March 15, 2019 0